Catholic Vocations Commission

Vocation...everyone has one. What's yours?

The Mission of the Catholic Vocations Commission is to provide opportunities for all members of St. Pius X Parish to discover and strengthen their vocation in life, their way to God.  The following current and proposed activities are within the scope of the Commission.

The Four Main Vocations

The Catholic Church recognizes four main vocations: Priesthood, Religious Life, Marriage, and Single Life. God calls everyone to follow Him. Here is a brief outline of the four vocations.

Priesthood (Diocesan and Religious)

Catholic priests are male ordained ministers of the Church – because they give their lives in total service to the Church, priests embrace the gift of celibacy and commit to a life of prayer. They proclaim the Good News, teach the Catholic faith, administer the Sacraments, work to build up their local faith community, and lead their faith community in worship. Many will minister in a parish setting, while others may serve as chaplains to universities, hospitals, prisons, the armed forces and other areas as needed. Diocesan priests serve under their Bishop; Religious priests serve under the direction of their Order. Fr. Joe Freedy’s vocation story

Religious Life

Religious priests, Brothers or Sisters (nuns) commit their lives to sharing in the life and mission of their religious community. They embrace the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and nurture their call through a life of celibacy, faith, prayer and service. Religious priests, Brothers and Sisters serve in areas such as education, health care, parish, youth ministry, care of the elderly, spirituality, pastoral ministry, social work, and many will serve as missionaries in other cultures. Some may live within a cloister and devote themselves totally to prayer. Depending on the religious Order, they may dress in lay clothes or in a religious habit.


Married persons live a vow of faithful love to a spouse through the Sacrament of Matrimony. Husbands and wives share a self-giving, love-giving, and life-giving relationship with their spouse, and are committed to helping their spouse grow to human and Christian maturity. They seek to form a family home, and are together the first teachers of their children in Catholic faith and values. Married people serve in their parish and the broader community in a variety of ways.

A young couple talks about their call to Marriage

Single Life

Men and women called to single life believe that remaining single is their true and right way to faithfully live their baptismal call. Single men and women embrace the gift of celibacy while living alone, with a family, or with others who are single. They devote time and energy in service of others, and may serve in their parish community or in the Church in a variety of ways.

See information on the single vocation: Video 1 Video 2

How do you know God’s call for you?

In each vocation, the man or woman lives a life of faith and prayer to continually grow in relationship with God. The Church recognizes that each vocation is equal in the sense that no vocation is better than any other. However, because God calls you to a particular vocation - whether marriage, priesthood, religious life or single life - that vocation is the best one for you, the one that will 'fit' you best, will apply your gifts and talents most effectively in His work, and will make you the most happy.

Here are some resources to help you decide where God is calling you:

Vocations Committee

The Vocations committee seeks to encourage parishioners to pray for and consider vocations to the priesthood and religious life for our parish and diocese.

Our Mission

The mission of the St. Pius X Vocations Committee is to promote a "culture of vocations" in our parish, a consciousness of God's call in each one's life and an eagerness to search out that call and live it to the fullest. Then, within that framework we strive to promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life, for and from our diocese.

Our Goals

The current goals of the Vocations Committee are as follows:

  1. to encourage prayer for vocations
  2. to educate parishioners, young and old, regarding vocations
  3. to encourage parishioners, especially parents, and grandparents, to talk with young people regarding God's call in their lives
  4. to support parishioners considering a vocation to priesthood or consecrated religious life
  5. to be an active part of diocesan, national, and world-wide efforts to support all vocations

Volunteer Opportunities

Vocations Committee Coordinator
Mary Beard: (541) 882-3997

Vocations Committee - Activities

Vocations Prayer Crucifix Program

This program has been developed to promote, in the families and households of our parish, fervent prayer for an increase in vocations to the diocesan priesthood, the consecrated religious life, and the Sacrament of Matrimony.

The Vocations committee provides a free-standing crucifix for this program. Families/households from the parish are invited to host the Vocations Crucifix in their home for one week. By accepting the crucifix, the family/household agrees to pray for that week. Then the Vocations Crucifix is returned to Church for another parish family/household. The importance of praying for vocations is thus kept alive and prominent before the parish community. Four handbooks are provided with the Crucifix. One handbook shows the sites in the Holy Land to which the crucifix was carried and related Scripture references for prayer and reflection. The other three handbooks contain suggested prayers that can be part of your daily activities after the Crucifix has been returned. To participate in this program, please sign-up in the book located in the vestibule of Church.

Vocations Prayer Crucifix Coordinator
Ben Quen: (541) 850-3939

Rosary Booklet with Reflections on the Stages of a Vocation

One of the booklets in the Vocations Crucifix box contains a set of reflections on the stages of a vocation. They trace the path to priesthood from seminary to ordination or to religious life from novitiate to profession. One reflection is offered for each of the regular 20 mysteries of the Rosary. Anyone interested in a booklet to use and keep at home is welcome to contact Ben or Karen Quen.

Special Guest Presentations

The Vocations Committee occasionally invites representatives of the various vocations to speak to the Faith Formation students, Youth group, and other gatherings. Family members are encouraged to attend.

Vocations Information Display

Information displays are in the vestibule of Church and in the hall outside the Parish Hall. Top section: general information Middle section: Creighton Model Fertility Care Information Lower section: Vocations information. The displays will be updated periodically with valuable information. Please help yourself.

Vocations Information Display Coordinator
Karen Quen: (541) 850-3939

Vocations Prayer Campaign

In 2013 a number of our parishioners responded to our invitation to write their own prayers for vocations - some of these prayers are printed in the books of prayers that are included with the Vocations Crucifix.

Homebound Prayer Cards

Several parishioners are not able to attend Mass. With our Homebound Ministry program these parishioners continue to receive Communion weekly. To help keep the members involved they are asked to assist the parish by praying for Vocations. Laminated cards with vocations prayers are provided.

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